About Us

Fluorovizion was founded in 1998 after securing the exclusive Sub-Saharan CONMED LINVATEC distribution rights.  Since then, the company has acquired notable international product lines such as the BIONIX Biosorbable range of products and the CONMED LINVATEC Biocomposite  scaffold, highlighting Fluorovizion as a significant player in the Orthopaedic market.

Developing the relationship with CONMED LINVATEC, Fluorovizion acquired the well-known and established Hall Powertool business establishing the company as specialists in the Arthroscopy, Imaging and ENT markets.  We could now offer complete standardisation to our customers and expand into value added services for our customers such as:

Our repair and service centre, established in 2005, is one of few CONMED LINVATEC and FDA approved centres outside the USA. Products are locally repaired to the original manufacturer’s specifications, saving time and the cost of sending them overseas for repair.

The Fluorovizion training centre accommodates 40 delegates and incorporates a dry-lab; lecture hall; and non-sterile theatre. The training centre and our involvement in overseas and local cadaver training workshops reinforces Fluorovizion’s commitment to investing in the South African Orthopaedic sector through education and support.

Our Johannesburg office and training facility comprises of more than 1000m2 and our dynamic staff complement ensure quality and service excellence for our valued customers.


With addition of Angiotech to the Fluorovizion portfolio branches were established in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Bloemfontein as well as Fluorovizion Medical Supplies Namibia.


The SYNOVIS Agency was acquired in 2009 and completed our Specialities Division.  In 2011 Fluorovizion entered the Arthroscopy market offering solutions to all areas of the Orthopaedic market sector.


  • Fluorovizion secures exclusive distribution rights to sub-Saharan Linvatec brand


  • Acquired BIONIX Biosorbable range

  • Acquired Conmed Linvatec Biocomposite scaffold


  • Acquired Conmed Linvatec Hall Powertool business

  • FDA Approved Repair and Service Centre established in Fourways, Johannesburg


  • Angiotech, Dynamesh and Townsend agencies acquired

  • Branches opened in Durban and Cape Town

  • Fluorovizion Medical Supplies Namibia established


  • Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein branches established


  • Synovis agency added to Specialities Division


  • DJO 3D Knee and DJO Reverse Shoulder products complete Fluorovizion's Orthopaedic offering

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